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The beer packaging debate

One of the great difficulties in attempting to be environmentally conscious is the sheer amount of thought that goes into the process. Just take, for example, the question of whether to use paper or plastic bags at the grocery store. While it’s likely that you have received several reusable shopping bags by now and are probably using them like a responsible citizen when you remember to dig them out of the c toms abinet under the sink, you’re probably still paying the five cent surcharge for a plastic bag (where applicable) more often than not.

It makes little difference to the groceries being carried what kind of bag you choose. The packaging doesn’t change the quality of the contents. But in the case of packaging beer, the environmental implications are complicated by the fact that the packaging does have an effect on the perceived quality of the product.

In Canada, we’re lucky enough to have a closed loop deposit system, ensuring that an overwhelming 97% of beer bottles are returned by consumers. According to the Brewers Association of Canada, the Industry Standard Bottle (ISB) can be used up to fifteen times prior to recycling. Not only is that environmentally fr toms iendly, but if you return enough bottles at once, you’ll probably be able to get more beer.

In terms of perceived quality, the ISB does have the downside of making it difficult to stand out from a marketing perspective. With craft beer, more releases are in larger, unique single bottles that may not fit into the closed loop system. While it’s probable that they’ll be recycled, it’s less likely that they’ll be returned, making them more or less single use vessels.

Speaking of single use vessels, aluminum cans make up about 27% of packaged Canadian brewed beer sales. Aluminum is more costly to produce initially, but the energy savings in recycling it are substantial, coming out to five percent of the initial cost. And it can be recycled indefinitely.

Of course, some people report that beer packaged in cans has a metallic taste despite the layer of epoxy toms resin on the inside of the can. For the most part, this can be combated by pouring the beer into a glass before drinking it. Similarly, it is common etiquette to avoid crushing the cans on your forehead after emptying them unless you’re at a toga party.

This doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s still a significant amount of packaging and shipping to be taken into consideration. While it’s true that glass bottles might weigh more than aluminum cans, it can be easily argued that the freight involved in shipping either is best avoided.

As with shopping bags, the answer is a re usable third option. A large number of brewpubs offer a two litre “growler” that can be refilled on their premises, cutting out a large amount of the freight used in recycling bottles or cans. Not only will you be helping the environment by using a growler, you’ll be supporting a local business. In a major city, you may even have a brewpub within walking distance, negating any vehicle emission.

I know not everyone is sold on the concept of making consumer choices for environmental reasons, but in this case there’s an additional benefit. The beer toms is fresh from the brewery and therefore has the quality intended by the brewmaster. You’re getting your beer at its peak.

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The Beauty Products You Need to Carry in Your Gym Bag

The combination of watching the Olympics and Kat talking about getting swimsuit ready has made me realise that not only do I need to amp up my exercise regimen, but also that toms it’s only four weeks ’til spring.

I’ve been trying to work on getting my fitness back on track after hibernating throughout winter, especially since I’m heading over for a European summer in just two weeks. As you can imagine, it will be swimsuit central. Gulp.

But as much as I love exercise, I’m struggling getting up early, so lately my nights have been filled with dancing rehearsals (I’ve got competitions as soon as I get back) and sessions at the gym. The only issue is coming up sweaty and red faced, especially if I try to organise to catch up with friends afterwards. I can imagine that those of you who try and squeeze in a workout during your lunch break would say the same there’s nothing like heading back to the office with hair plastered to your forehead, and your face resembling something close to a beetroot.

Here, I’ve rounded up the beauty products that you need to throw (and keep) in your gym bag to get you ready for the office, or prepped for post work cocktails. This isn’t going to be your main makeup bag full of clutter after all, it’s not the time to bust out the smoky eye palette and eyelash curler. Unless you have a hot date, in which case we’re all for you skipping the gym session just this once.

1. Nivea Sensitive Protect Deodorant Roll On, $3.78, from supermarkets

It’s the number one product in my gym beauty bag for obvious reasons. I alternate between shaving and waxing, so unfortunately I often can get irritated skin under my arms. I love this new toms deodorant from Nivea, toms specially formulated for those who suffer from sensitive underarm skin. It’s infused with chamomile extracts to reduce inflammation and soothe any stinging spots, as well as avocado oil to keep your skin soft.

2. Biore Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes, $8.99, from Priceline

If I’m heading to the gym or dancing after work, I always try to remove any traces of makeup, which clogs pores as soon as perspiration comes into the mix. I’ve been using these Biore ones, as they easily dissolve makeup (including stubborn waterproof mascara) and have a soft, bumpy texture, which gives the feel of a gentle exfoliation. Then, I use them post workout and my skin feels instantly refreshed and clean.

3. Klorane Oil Control Dry Shampoo with Nettle, $14.95, Priceline from October 1

I always turn to a headband to keep my hair off my face when I’m exercising and to also keep perspiration in check, as I’ve been prone to breaking out in pesky sweat spots along my hairline in the past. A lifelong lover of Klorane’s original dry shampoo, I’ve been trialling the new Oil Control Dry Shampoo with Nettle, which hit counters October 1. It’s formulated specifically for oily hair types like mine, and is quickly becoming my new favourite as the nettle soaks up the excess oil at the roots while still giving it the texture and body.

4. Erborian BB Crme Au Ginseng, $59, Adore Beauty

I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love BB Creams. Although I’ve tried more than a few in my time, this is the one I keep going back to, again and again. It’s a 3 in 1, combining moisturiser, SPF25 and foundation (it comes in light and dark shades). The texture is on the creamier side but is still super lightweight, meaning it’s a dream to smooth on post workout. I’ve found that I don’t even to apply concealer afterwards. It’s that good.

5. Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in Peachy Blush, $43, from department stores

Usually I have enough of a flush after exercise that I don’t need to add any colour. However if and when the time arises, I fake a just been for run look with a cream blush, my latest favourite being this cult product from Clinique. It’s a cream to powder formulation, which at first I thought might be a little heavy, but it’s so soft that I can barely feel it on my skin. While initially it delivers quite a strong hit of colour, once blended it in with your fingertips it settles to give a warm wash of colour.

6. Carmex Moisture Plus Sheer Pink Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm, $8.99, from pharmacies

7. CoverGirl Brow and Eyemakers Pencil, $9.95, from Priceline

One thing I never toms leave the house without doing is filling in my brows, even if I had a brow tint. This is one of my oldie but a goodie beauty buys, a matte brown brow pencil to work on both filling in any sparse spots, and also gently pressed along my upper or lower lash line to act as a soft smudge of liner.

toms The Beauty Products to Pack fo

The Beauty Products to Pack for an Italian Holiday

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve mentioned a few times about the fact that I’m leaving on a trip to Italy. The Big Day is finally here I leave tonight! Wheee!

I’ve typically left everything until the very last minute, and last night I was in a mad dash trying to pack all of my beauty products, which as you can probably imagine is a lot harder than it looks. Because I love minis (actually I obsessed), at last count I had packed 27 shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products, before realising that this was probably a tad overboard. Since I now got it down to significantly less than that, I’m continuing on with PRIMPED tradition and sharing my packing secrets and which of my favourite beauty products I’ll be taking along for the ride.

When it comes to my on board the plane I heading to Barney Martin Hairdressing this afternoon for a headband braid. Not only does it keep all of your hair off your face, but it keeps excess oil at bay, too. I highly recommend it, and will post a picture soon as soon as it in!

In other hair news, in the video I was trying to go for a Sophia Loren esque headscarf look, but one of the bows kept falling out, which I didn realise until afterwards. Hilarious.

Without further ado in case you can check the video out now, here are the product pics, starring a few golden oldies and some new toms releases that I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek at.

Bior Make Up Removing Wipes, $3.99 for a pack of ten, from pharmacies and supermarkets

Face wipes are a must have for any flight as not only do they remove any excess grime or oil, they work as an instant refresher for your skin.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks, 8 for $59, 02 9477 6900

I’ve been so busy in the lead up to the trip that I’ve barely slept, meaning heavy bags and dark circles have taken up permanent residency on my face. These Eye Patch masks are enriched with active ingredients, so around ten minutes after applying them, they stimulate your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines, making it look delightfully plumped up.

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose H toms ip Oil, $24.95, 1300 130 320

One thing I never fly without is rosehip oil. Before I sleep, I always splash my face with water so it clean but a little damp, and then add around 3 4 drops of rosehip oil and smooth it all over my face. It gives you this instant boost of radiance and it helps to restore some of the moisture you skin loses while flying. I’ll also double up and use this as a serum while I’m overseas for when my skin needs a little TLC.

Now for what I actually be packing in my suitcase beauty bag. It a citrus based scent so it has a really fresh, zesty kick, capturing the very essence of summer. It a unisex scent, so it also a little on the masculine side, making it both strong and sexy.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation, $78, from department stores

Bobbi specifically designed this foundation for those with oilier skin in warmer climates, which means it going to be perfect for an Australian spring/summer, as well as over in Italy. It designed to last for 12 hours to get you toms from the office to cocktail hour without the need to reapply, and I love it. It lightweight, yet gives just enough coverage, while the inclusion of shea butter and glycerin leave my skin hydrated throughout the day and night.

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nails, $5.95 each, from Priceline

As you all know, I love painting my nails and nail art. Pat McGrath consulted on this new nail colour collection, with the bright punchy colours bang on trend for s/s I just love how little they are, so I plan on taking a few with me. My go to shade is Lollipop, the prettiest pop of pink you ever did see.

Dermalogica Tinted Moisturiser, SPF30, $57, 1800 659 118

Along with foundation, I also taking along this tinted moisturiser from Dermalogica. I sure you have heard of this before, but it been reformulated and is now part of the Ultra Calming system. It suitable for sensitive skin types too, particularly if you experience any redness or irritation. It got a lovely sheer tint and most importantly it SPF30.

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer, $65, from department stor toms es

I never go anywhere without my bronzer, and always add a little under my cheekbones and along the high points of my face for added luminosity. It available in two shades and has a nifty little shaver dial so you can decide how much product you get, as well moisturising ingredients to keep your skin hydrated.

Orly Mini Treatments, $10.95 each, 1300 769 355

Orly are releasing some of my favourite nail treatment products in teeny tiny 9ml bottles. My top picks are the Top 2 Bottom Base Coat I love a good two in one and there also the nail strengthener, which has a lovely pale pink sheen.

Dr Dennis Glow Pads, $68, Mecca Cosmetica

An anti ageing, self tanning towel enriched with active ingredients including vitamin D and soy proteins to get the colour deep into the skin to create an all natural, all over glow. I found it best to apply these at night on both your face and body and rub in a circular motion to avoid any streaks.