toms shoes The best gifts come in small p

The best gifts come in small pajamas some with little moose feet

“I spent some time last night making a memory.

“I was holding my sleepy little grandson on my lap while he was watching a kitty video before bedtime. He had just had a bath and was wearing the softest of soft little footed flannel pajamas with little woodland creatures on them; a moose face with antlers covered up each of his feet. He tucked his clean, silky little head under my chin, and I held him and inhaled baby shampoo and the essence of precious little boy. I was able to kiss him a few times on the top of his head while he was distracted toms shoes by the cat video.

“I was sitting there thinking: ‘I am going to take a picture in my mind of this moment, and five or 10 years down the road, I am going to remember this time and how precious it was’ and that way, the moment will never go away.

“Just then the grandbaby jumped off me, and I thought our moment was lost. He had spied his blankie across the room, toddled over and grabbed it, and returned to my lap, where he once again took up watching his movie with his head tucked under my chin.

“Babies and kids grow up so fast! I hope I don’t forget these times as I get older and my grandsons get older. But I won’t forget this particular moment. I took a picture of it in my mind, and I’ll bring it out from time to time. Someday when he’s all grown up, I’ll tell him: ‘I used to hold you and rock you in your little footed moose pajamas and kiss you as many times as you’d let me.’ And he toms shoes ‘ll say: ‘Awwww, Grandma!’

“There’s all ki toms shoes nds of things and activities to take my baby grandsons to, and we’ll make big memories, but the quiet moments where we get to cuddle are the best.”

Life as we know it

IGHGrampa: “I’m making a new marble roll toy.

“It’s not the first I have made. Several years ago, I made a couple for the grandchildren.

“The first was one in which the marbles rolled back and forth on ramps until they reached the bottom. There is a tray at the bottom to catch the marbles. It works OK, but the tracks aren’t quite wide enough. The marbles sometimes want to go over the edge.

“The next I made was rectangular. The marbles go down ramps on each side until reaching a tray in the bottom. That one is OK, but has a couple of problems. The marbles make a 90 degree turn in the corners; they tend to go over the edge there. Sometimes they fall outside the thing, but usually fall inside on the tray. What a noisy thing it is.

“After making them, I realized that the grandchildren were not quite old enough for marble roll toys. I had a horror of one of them putting a marble in his mouth and choking on it. They’re older now, and should be OK if they’re supervised when playing with it.

“The new marble roll toy will have oval tracks. The marbles will roll in an elliptical spiral path down to the tray on the bottom. I thought about it for some time before starting. It has some interesting problems to solve. Most of my projects lately have been those that involve some problem solving and inventing.

“This one has some bent wood parts. I have a bunch of [ inch slats of pine left over from some re sawing of thicker boards to thinner boards. If you take a thin slat of pine and soak it in warm water, it bends nicely. Last year I used the technique to make some nice ukulele birdhouses for my son’s garden.

“Yesterday I did some of the wood bending for the first spiral section. For the second spiral section today, I made a mistake I would not have anticipated. The first spiral section spirals counterclockwise. The second one spirals clockwise. That’ll never work. Fortunately, it’s not so far done that I can’t whittle it apart and re glue it right. That’s the way it is for us inventors: a lot of trial and error with maybe more error than trial.

“I just fixed that error and discovered another. This new one can’t be whittled away. The first section is 7/8 inch wide, just what I decide toms shoes d was best for the marble track. The new section I just made today is 3/4 inch wide. That won’t work, either. Drat my fuzzy old brain.”

Could be verse!

Tim Torkildson: “Justice for you, and mercy for me;

“that seems a grand philosophy!”Or: Unclear on the concept

LM from Burnsville: “Normally I skip over commercials, but there is one being shown right now which doesn’t quite fit its message.

“It is explaining how wonderful their trash bags are and how we can reduce plastic in landfills by using fewer bags. The sales pitch is how the bag stretches to fit more inside.

“But the item they use to show how it stretches is a plastic, recyclable soda bottle. How about recycling the bottle instead of putting it inside a trash bag? That will help reduce what goes into a landfill.”

Come again?

Or: Not exactly what they had in mind”Methinks the advertising execs at McDonald’s got too carried away with their theme: Big Mac . McChicken . McRib . McMuffin all have a following, but somehow McWrap does not have the same ring to it.”