toms shoes The Best Grab Bags for Kids

The Best Grab Bags for Kids

String ropes around the room and hang bags of cotton candy from then. Pop popcorn to scent the air, and use hula hoops and balloons to decorate the party area. Place plastic fish bowls with goldfish on the tables. When it’s time to send the kids home, give each child one bagged goldfish in a fish bowl, along with an toms shoes information packet about gol toms shoes dfish and a container of goldfish food. Alternatively, pass out plastic popcorn containers filled with butter salt, a package of microwave popcorn, a bottle of water and a powdered drink packet.

Cover the tables with pink and white table clothes and create a candy bar by filling glass containers with a variety of candy s toms shoes uch as licorice, chocolate and fruit gummies. Place bite sized appetizers on decorative platters on each table. Set a tiara and place card w toms shoes ith each girl’s name on it around the table. Tell the girls that they may wear their tiaras; before the girls leave, give each one a white tin bucket filled with a princess magic wand, lip gloss, a ponytail holder and a small, princess themed container of bubbles.