toms shoes The Best Hardware for Photo Ed

The Best Hardware for Photo Editing

For the benchmarks, I picked a mixed bag of graphics tests, a few that are processor intensive, a few that use the GPU, and a few that are memory intensive. Here a breakdown of each graphics test I performed. Only four of these could be easily duplicated in GIMP, which toms shoes I also explain.

Most of the tests are fairly generic: I resized the base image from 3000 pixels up to 10,000 so that it would stress test the programs adequately. Unsharp Mask does an image enhanceme toms shoes nt; Liquify looks like you smudged up an image with water; the 3D Cone effect takes your image and wraps it in a cone; and the Water Paper effect makes the image look wet it is in water.

The Zoom and Spi toms shoes nRadialBlur tests both use the GPU. To zoom with GPU acceleration, you just click and hold down the magnifying glass. SpinRadialBlur is a Pixel Bender effect that adds rippling curves to an image. You might wonder: Why didn I test more of the GPU enhanced features? One reason is that there are not that many of them. A few as the rotate canvas option that works in real time non destructive in that you are not actually rotating the image, and are just rotating the view.

It also worth noting that Adobe may continue to enhance Photoshop with more and mo toms shoes re GPU enhanced features, and I hope they do.