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With my eldest daughter starting fu toms shoes ll day kindergarten this year, I wanted to find a lunch box that would make preparing a litter less lunch (no plastic bags or single serve packages) quick and easy.

Finding that perfect lunch box turned out to be anything but quick and easy. After searching online to read about the many different litter less lunch box systems available, my daughter and I headed out to try before buying.

The Goodbyn ($29.99) is a divided compartment lunch box with five individually sealing compartments, but just one lid.

The compartments are deeper than most compartment lunch boxes, with curved compartments, making it easier to clean than squares.

My daughter couldn’t get the hang of sealing the lid properly and it was just too big for her, but I ended up buying one for packing picnics. Available in Calgary at Bug Blossom.

Despite the hefty price tag, the Go Green Lunch Box ($39.99) was my favourite. A bento style inner box is similar to the Goodbyn, with a removable lid and divided compartments. This removable lid is hinged, making it a little easier to close than the Goodbyn, and both pieces are dishwasher safe.

The outer lunch bag is insulated and has a small mounted whiteboard for messages. Available at Great Things in Store in Cochrane.

The Bento 2.0 from Laptop Lunches ($39.95) is similar to the Go Green, but offers more freedom for lunch packing, with removable inner containers available in different size configurations.

It comes with an attractive insulated outer bag, plus cutlery too, and a fantastic book with nutritional tips an toms shoes d kid friendly recipes.

I do think it would only be a matter of time before all of the inner pieces went missing, but replacements are available for purchase for under $10 a set. Available at Amaranth Whole Foods and Chapters Indigo Books.

The Yubo ($35.99) lunch box is all about customization. With removable faceplates on either side that can be ordered from the company adorned with photos or your child’s name, the interior has removable containers in three different sizes and a fitted ice pack.

While my daughter loved the changing faceplates, the idea of constantly being begged to spend $9.95 on new faceplates was a turn off.

This was easily the heaviest of the lunch boxes as well. Available in Calgary at Bug Blossom.

If you choose to go with a traditional insulated lunch box like the gorgeous and high quality Beatrix brand ($39.99 at Bug Blossom), you can still buy products to help reduce your reliance on sandwich baggies.

Lunchbots ($19.99) are high quality stainless steel co toms shoes nt toms shoes ainers. Available in a variety of sizes, including divided and undivided, they’re meant to be used within an insulated lunch box, not as a lunch box themselves. Available in Calgary at Planet Organic.