toms shoes The Best Kids Hiking Backpacks

The Best Kids Hiking Backpacks

The Kelty Tioga Jr. may be one of the most iconic beginner’s backpacks of all time. With a wide open top compartment and generous side pockets, it’s no wonder that the Kelty Tioga Jr. has been a popular pick for young scouts and other junior pioneers for decades. Plus, the Kelty Tioga has an expandable frame, making it ideal for the rapidly growing camper. The Kelty Tioga typically costs around $70.

Essentially a pared down version of Deuter’s popular internal frame backpacks, the Fox 30 are for kids who are wantin toms shoes g a more adult pack. The Fox has an 1800 cubic inch capacity and a bottom sleeping bag compartment in addition to the standard top loading access. Deuter’s Fox 30 currently (January 2010) sells for around $90.

Another classic kids’ backpack, the Jansport Scout is most noticeable for the huge zipper that opens a full wall of the backpack. This makes the Jansport one of the toms shoes easiest kid’s packs to load. The Scout also features water bottle pockets and an adjustable frame that serves as an excellent lashing point for sleeping bags. The toms shoes Jansport Scout can be found for $50 toms shoes (January 2010).