toms The Art of Lynda StrongAn

The Art of Lynda Strong

An exhibition by Lynda Strong from Studio ARTES Northside, Sydney, will open at the Callan Park Gallery on Thursday 11 June, 6 to 8pm.

When asked why she paints, Lynda replied paint to give them away, I give them away, I love to give them away.”

For Lynda Strong sociality and art are intensely interrelated. Through p toms ainting she both expresses and creates her social world. As a woman who is deaf with Down syndrome art has become her key means of communication. She creates portraits of her central fri toms ends on canvas and watercolour paper; friend faces are also applied like graffiti on her clothing and scrawled on random scraps of paper. These images are then shown, given and at times even slipped into the bags of all those she meets. Strong firm line work, simplified and exaggerated fo toms ong> toms rms, in addition to her sensitive use of colour make it difficult for one not to be moved and intrigued by her portraits, especially when they depict oneself.