toms The Arts and Law experience

The Arts and Law experience

This is a subject taster day which gives pupils the chance to experience learning in an HE environment. Pupils will each attend two keynote lectures and two interactive workshops.

Disciplines from both Colleges are represented: arts, humanities and law subjects; and the social sciences.

On arrival, all students received a Discovery Day bag which was full of useful information including the junior prospectus toms , information on the subjects available to study in each college, pens, paper and a few other small gifts, a snack toms and a bottle of water.

A welcome lecture given by Dr Graham Timmins (Director of Education, School of Government and Society) and Dr Henry Chapman (Senior Lecturer toms in Archaeology and Visualisation Archaeology). This introduced students to the university and to the Arts, Law, Humanties and Social Science subjects that can be studied at the University of Birmingham.

Workshop 1

Students attended sessions on Art History, Archaeology, Philosophy, History, English and an Arts, Law and Humanities themed session at the Cadbury Research Library.

Lunch and campus tour

Guided by our ambassadors, students got to see some of the highlights of our beautiful campus including the clocktower, the Great Hall, the Barber Institute, the Guild of Students, the library and the Munrow Sports Centre.

Workshop 2

Teacher: “I would like to congratulate the team who worked so hard to organise and toms present yesterday’s Year 10 Discovery Day. My students were ‘buzzing’ on the way home. I take students regularly to all sorts of events throughout the year. Your event was so well organised. Your student ambassadors were superb, a real credit to the University. They were so enthusiastic about the University and learning from all the opportunities they have had. I too learnt quite a bit more about the subjects offered in your Schools!”