toms The beginning of my journey in

The beginning of my journey in London at Westminster Business School Business Blog

When I first came to London in September I was pretty much like every other student arriving in London with a bundle of excitement and a bag full of apprehensions. When we embark on an international journey we always feel toms that international exposure, and studies are going to be very interesting and colourful but in reali toms ty, it is a difficult road with several portholes and bumps. These three months here in London have absolutely widened my approach towards life in general.

I would say three key words have been an integral part of it:

When I came to London I felt like I wanted to explore everything, but then I needed to remind myself that I’m a student and not a tourist here. I obviously did the basics, explored food, a melting pot of cultures, an International University and several other things, but for me the exploring part actually gave me direction and perseverance to adapt. Adapt to a new environment which is completely different. I would spend hours in the library and come back to my accommodation, only to realise I have further responsibilities such as cleaning and doing my laundry for hours. I also had to make sure I keep in touch with pals and family back home. Soon I realised doing my masters course is actually juggli toms ng many things at once and need some time management. It’s just not academics but is a holistic learning.

I have been gathering patience and adapting to a new outlook to everything around me. This short journey of 3 months is just the beginning and I see bright and intense months ahead. Yet, I would say in these past months I’ve learnt the true value things and how to appreciate more. I can truly say that I’ve grown as an individual in many ways toms . Students in my Masters course have for sure made me rethink that everyone does come from different backgrounds but the underlying principles or morals for one’s life is the same.

One key area that I really appreciate in London is equality and respect, of workforce, of one’s opinion, one’s choice in life. I’ve learnt to do it the London way, work hard during the week and party harder on weekends, enjoying life in every means of it.