toms The beginning of the endIt

The beginning of the end

It seems as though Sam’s Club and Costco have been in the Metro Detroit area forever now, although it has really only been since the mid 1990’s. These stores, however, were the first to introduce the concept of no grocery bags.

Granted, most of the products bought at these places wouldn’t fit into a regular grocery bag, but the concept seemed to have been met without too much backlash. Consumers figured out tha toms t there were other means available for transporting their goods of course, it helps that boxes are readily available on site to do so.

Still, this should have been the beginning of the end of plastic bags. Grocery stores spend a lot of money keeping bags available, why not get rid of them? Those bags consume lots of foreign oil to produce, why not get rid of them? Those bags are extremely costly to recycle, so why not get rid of them?

Kroger has their own cloth bags to toms purchase and you will receive a nickel back for every Kroger bag you use every time you go shopping. That adds up! Hillers will give you a nickel back no matter what you use to pack your groceriesbe it a competitors bag, a milk crate or a box! Cloth bags are easier to carry, hold more items, travel easily and are not clogging landfills, littering streets and waterways, strangling sea life or being consumed by a lioness on the tundra!

Purchase a cloth bag toms or two. You can find them just about anywhere. Grocery stores, drug stores, home improvement warehouses and other businesses as well have these bags available for sale. Get one with your favorite team logo to show your spirit and pride. Exercise your creativity and buy plain bags then decorate with your own toms personal flair. You’ll save time (by making less trips from the car because the bags hold more), you’ll save money (get your nickels), and you’ll be contributing to widening the path of sustainability into that reachable ecologically sound super highway!