toms the Belgian accessories brand

the Belgian accessories brand

What do you design? Raf Maes: We design men’s and women’s accessories watches and sunglasses in a retro futuristic way, meaning that we really look to the past and transla toms te that into a modern esthetic.

What’s new for the upcoming season? RM: We have four new sunglasses models. We hired an external designer to put more focus into the women’s category. We are going to come out with new watch models and new prints. We also have a Frost Color with the mirrored lenses as a new series, a tweed series which is pretty cool and a metallic series featuring a Moneypenny watch. There is a lot of new stuff.

Do you think Vancouver is a good market for the brand? RM: Absolutely. I think the brand really fits the people and the esthetic out here. I think it’s a good match.

Do you make your products yourself, and if not, where are they manufactured? AJ: They are all designed in Belgium with some Japanese movements and are assembled in China.

RM: There are really only two c toms toms trong>ountries that make watches, Switzerland and China, and with all our watches below $150, it’s impossible to make them in Switzerland.

How did you get into designing? RM: It came naturally. The both of us are not designers, but we have a passion for good design, we love travel and photography, we like classic furniture and we just bundled all those interests into the brand. We both were professional snowboarders and then 10 years before we started Komono, we were distributing fashion, lifestyle and streetwear brands. We learned a lot from the brands both the good stuff and the bad stuff they did and that made us want to start our own brand.

What inspires you? AJ: I take a picture of something like a detail on a wall, a colour or a texture anything. I like that part of it that it’s completely unpredictable. There are a lot of influences from all over. Our brains are going crazy when we see all this stuff it’s all inspiring to us. We try to be unique and come from a different angle.

Where do you work do you have a studio, workshop, or work out of your home? AJ: I don’t sit down to design it could be in my bed or at any given moment, really. It just comes naturally.

What’s your price point? RM: Sunglasses are priced between $60 $80 and watches are between $60 $115. People always think we are a more expensive brand but we’re not. It’s very accessible.

Where are your products sold in Vancouver? RM: Walrus (3408 Cambie Street, Vancouver), Still Life (2315 Main Street, Vancouver, Ti toms me Bomb Trading Inc.