toms The Benefits of Baby Sleeping

The Benefits of Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bags are being used all over the world to keep babies both covered and warm during the night, no matter how much they toss or turn. Baby sleeping bags are also often regarded as the safer alternative, for babies to sleep in at night, opposed to traditional baby blankets.

Baby blankets may be great for babies to play on, keep them warm while they are awake or perhaps even for cleaning purposes if nothing else is available to clean your baby with, however, a baby sleeping bag is designed specifically for sleeping and keeps your baby’s safety in mind. In this article you will read about thebenefits of baby sleeping bags as well as SIDS (Sudden Infants Deaths Syndrome) and how baby sleeping bags (also known as baby sleeping sacks) can potentially decrease the risk of SIDS while your baby sleeps.

If you have no idea what the sleeping bags look like then you can simply refer to the image on the right. As you can see a baby sleeping bag looks much like a regular sleeping bag, covering the baby’s whole body. The key differences are that the baby sleeping bag is designed for indoor use mainly and that the baby sleeping bag also has arm holes or sleeves for your babies arms so that they can move freely. Arm holes also ensure that there is plenty of air circulation in the sleeping sack. toms Some bags even have an inverted zipper which will make the changing of your baby’s diaper somewhat easier this is something to keep an eye out for.

The Advantages of Baby Sleeping Bags:

1. Baby sleeping bags are designed specifically to fit a baby’s whole body, keeping your baby warm and comfortable for the duration of the time they spend sleeping. The advantage of this is that there is no chance that your baby could kick his or her bedding off at any stage of the night, which means that your baby won’t get cold during the night and wake up for this reason. It goes without saying that parents a toms lso benefit from this as they sleep better.

2. Baby sleeping bags ensure that a baby is neither too warm nor too cold. They ensure that a baby’s temperature remains constant for the duration of the night. The advantage of this is that babies wake up less during the night due to temperature related issues.

3. The risk of SIDS is reduced by a huge margin since a baby in a baby sleeping bag cannot roll onto his or her stomach or side; or become overheated. Another benefit is that the sleeping bag cannot cover your baby’s head at any stage. Inhalation of air that is rich in carbon dioxide can cause mild asphyxia and since there is no chance of this happening with the sleeping bag your baby is safe! There is no way that the sleeping bag can smother your baby.

4. Baby sleeping bags can be a very helpful aid to parents in the sense that babies know that it is their time to snooze when they are placed inside the sleeping bag, as the bag is a familiar item to them. This can help when you go out and h toms ave to take your baby with you. It also helps a lot when going on holidays, as babies feel safe in the comfort of their sleeping bags and do not feel out of place, even though they are in unfamiliar surroundings.

5. Baby Sleeping bags are also a very good solution to the common problem that a baby can have, whereby his or her feet get stuck between the bars of the cot they sleep in. As your baby is in a sleeping bag, which limits his or her legs to moving to the space available in the sleeping bag, there is absolutely no chance that your baby’s tiny feet can get stuck between the bars of the cot.

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Useful Tips When it Comes to Buying Baby Sleeping Bags:

Baby bags come in a variety of sizes to fit babies from the stage that they weigh approximately 4.5 kilograms until the time that they grow out of the bag. It will be up to you to choose the specific make and design of the sleeping bag you buy, but the one thing that I can advise you to look out for when buy your baby’s sleeping bag, is to make sure that the bag is made out of 100% cotton to ensure that it is nice and soft and to ensure that your baby’s precious skin does not come into contact with harmful or toxic materials. Organic cotton is also breathable ensuring that your baby is always at the right temperature, no matter what time of the year it is. The durability of the sleeping bags also tends to be greater if they are made out of cotton.

Look for the Tog rating on the bag ( an indicator of the warmth that each individual bag offers). The higher the tog number the more warmth the bag will provide. A rating of 2 or less is perfect for warm weather toms and a rating of 3 or 4 is ideal for colder weather. Remember, you can always cover your baby while he or she is in the sleeping bag, if you feel your baby might get cold. Rather don’t buy a bag that is too warm as you can always provide additional heat for your baby in the form of warm pajamas or by covering the sleeping bag.

Make sure that the sleeping bag is neither too big nor too small for your baby. It must be a perfect fit to ensure that your baby does not reside into the sleeping sack and suffocate. The bag can’t be too small, however, as your baby needs to be comfortable and have enough room to move his or her legs.

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A Safety Precaution

According to the British Standard for safety of children’s sleeping bags a baby needs to weigh a minimum of 4 kilograms before the baby can sleep in a baby sleeping bag. So if your baby meets this requirement of weighing 4 kilograms or more, then a baby sleeping bag can be ideal for them to sleep in at night!